Skip Bins for Landscaping: 3 Tips to Keep in Mind If You Plan on Sharing Skip Bins with Your Neighbours


Landscape architects are highly appreciated in Australia, considering the fact that there are approximately 13.2 landscape architects per 100,000 people. Australians appreciate beautiful scenery. If you plan on doing any landscaping work on your yard and gardens, you'll probably need to rent a skip bin for all the rubbish that needs to be removed. For minor landscaping work, you'll save a fortune if you share a skip bin with your neighbours. While sharing a skip bin may be more practical, here are 3 tips you should implement to make sure that your neighbourly relationship doesn't get soured.

Agree on the Type of Rubbish

Before you agree to share a skip bin, you'll have to figure out the type of landscaping work that you and your neighbour are doing. This will determine the type of rubbish that needs to be removed. Skip bin removal companies may have restrictions on the type of rubbish that they will remove.

For example, many skip bin rental companies will only remove yard trimmings, like small branches, grass clippings and leaves. Other types of rubbish, like tree stumps, will cost extra. Determine whether you and your neighbours will need the skip bin for the same purpose in order to come to an agreement regarding the type of rubbish removal services to opt for.

Choose a Skip Bin with a Lockable Lid

Don't let other neighbours take advantage of the skip bin you and other neighbours have rented by choosing a skip bin that comes with a lockable lid. This also prevents those passing by from throwing their garbage into your skip bin, and prevents pests from getting into the skip bin. Keep in mind that you'll be charged an extra fee if someone throws additional rubbish, like personal garbage, into the skip bin.

Lock the skip bin after every time you use it. All the neighbours sharing the skip bin should have their own key for the sake of convenience.

Decide How the Bill Will Be Split

Depending on how space in the skip bin will be allocated, determine how the bill should be split. For example, if you will be doing a lot more yard work than your neighbours, you might want to chip in more for the bill in the name of fairness. You might also want to chip in more if you'll be dumping rubbish that will require an extra fee or charge to be removed.

Once you've determined how the bill will be split, figure out how everyone will be paying. For example, one neighbour might volunteer to pay for the bill on their credit card and have everyone else pay them back separately.


Sharing a skip bin with your neighbours can be a difficult affair. You definitely need to think and talk things through before diving into it; otherwise, you run the risk of souring your relationship with your neighbours. 


24 August 2016

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