Features to Consider for Hand Dryers in a Medical Clinic


It's always good to have hand dryers rather than paper towels in restrooms of a medical clinic, as paper towels are not just wasteful but unsanitary in a medical setting. Automatic hand dryers have come a long way in the past few years, offering many different features that can be good for those you install in your medical clinic. Note a few of those features and why you may want to consider them when you're in the market for new hand dryers for your facility's restrooms and hand washing areas.

1. Heat sensors

Heat sensors adjust the temperature of the airflow according to the temperature of the air in the room. When it's very warm in the room, the temperature of the air is automatically lowered. This is not only for the comfort of those using the hand dryer but it's also for cost savings. The less heat that is used for the airflow, the less energy used by the hand dryer and the less you pay for electricity overall. 

2. Hands-in designs

Rather than installing hand dryers that require you to hold your hand under the dryer itself, you might opt for a hands-in design. This has the airflow on the top of the unit and a user puts their hand into a small opening for drying. This type of design keeps water from splashing on the floor; if a person's hands are not completely clean, these units prevent the spread of germs and bacteria that may be in that water.

3. Low noise levels

Keeping patients as undisturbed as possible is good in a medical setting, and a hand dryer with a low noise level can assist. Doctors and patients don't need to be bothered by the sound of a loud hand dryer that may be over a hand washing station when you invest in a unit that is designed to offer low noise levels in particular.

4. Thermal cutoff

A thermal cutoff will not allow the hand dryer to operate if the motor reaches a certain temperature. This will prevent damage due to overheating. If you operate a busy medical clinic that sees a steady line of people in the washroom or a hand washing station, you may want to install more than one hand dryer and ensure that each one has a thermal cutoff. This will keep you from having to repair or replace the hand dryer unit simply because it's been used too much and too often.

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16 October 2015

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