Things You Must Consider as You Install Your New Septic Tank


Residential and commercial properties that aren't connected to the public sewer treatment system must have septic tanks. These tanks are designed to collect and treat wastewater, hence keeping the entire property clean for years. However, septic tank installations aren't always easy. You have to make decisions regarding the septic system design and tank size and determine the right drain field size. These aren't tasks you can handle on your own unless you are a pro in the industry.

13 March 2020

Skip Bins for Landscaping: 3 Tips to Keep in Mind If You Plan on Sharing Skip Bins with Your Neighbours


Landscape architects are highly appreciated in Australia, considering the fact that there are approximately 13.2 landscape architects per 100,000 people. Australians appreciate beautiful scenery. If you plan on doing any landscaping work on your yard and gardens, you'll probably need to rent a skip bin for all the rubbish that needs to be removed. For minor landscaping work, you'll save a fortune if you share a skip bin with your neighbours.

24 August 2016

Hiring a Skip Bin? Why You Need to Separate Your Garden Waste


When you hire a skip bin, it can almost be like an invitation to do some things around the home that you might have been putting off. Of course, you generally only use skip bin services when you actually have a specific need for the bin, and yet you might take the opportunity to do a little extra work. Perhaps you'll turn your attention to your garden, and maybe now is the opportunity to do some pruning or rid to yourself of some older plants.

23 August 2016

2 Things You Must Know About Cleaning Storm Water Pits


Because storm water pits are relatively small fixtures, their importance is often overlooked easily. This article discusses two things that everything homeowner should know about the cleaning of these pits. Pits Need To Be Cleaned More Frequently Than Drains And Pipes In order to understand the logic behind this thinking, it's important to understand how storm water pits work. Pits are used as temporary storage locations for rainwater before such water is allowed into the storm water drainage system.

22 August 2016

Features to Consider for Hand Dryers in a Medical Clinic


It's always good to have hand dryers rather than paper towels in restrooms of a medical clinic, as paper towels are not just wasteful but unsanitary in a medical setting. Automatic hand dryers have come a long way in the past few years, offering many different features that can be good for those you install in your medical clinic. Note a few of those features and why you may want to consider them when you're in the market for new hand dryers for your facility's restrooms and hand washing areas.

16 October 2015